Puff Pastry

Minggu lepas cuba buat puff pastry. Seronok sesangat sebab menjadik! Tak sangka boleh buat , tak de lah sesusah yg disangka cuma ambik masa yg lama sebab asyik kena keluar masuk peti ais. Tapi buat tu sambil buat kerja lain so tak de la terasa leceh sgt. Buat 2 inti, separuh sardin dan separuh sambal ikan bilis. Rupa dia tak berapa cantik sangat.

recipe posted by NoorMasri at FNR

These pastries have a high propotion of butter in them and can, if they become warm with rolling and handling, get sticky and difficult to manage. The answer is not to rush it. Take your time and give pastry plenty of short rests in the fridge to make it manageable.
Puff pastry is the most spectacular & best of the layered pastries but is also the trickiest to make.


225 g flour plus extra for dusting
pinch of salt
25 g shortening or vegetable oil
150 ml icy water
200 g softened butter


1. Sift the flour with the salt into a bowl
2. Rub in the shortening and add enough water to bind the mixture
3. Form into a ball and knead for 3-5 mins until smooth and elastic
4. Roll the dough out to a rectangle 5x10 in and then roll the middle third out a little wider than the rest. ( refer gambar no 1 )
5. Wrap the butter in greaseproof paper and tap with a rolling pin to shape it into 4x3 in block
6. Put this block on the centre of the pastry and fold the side flaps over to enclose it ( refer gambar no 2 )
7. Fold both top and bottom over to tightly enclose the butter (refer gambar no 3)
8. Press the edges together with the rolling pin (refer gambar no 4)
9. Give the pastry a half turn so that the short sides are at the top and bottom (refer gambar no 5)
10. Tap the parcel with the rolling pin to flatten the butter a little then roll out quickly and lightly until the pastry is 3 times as long as it is wide ( refer gambar no 6 )
11. Fold it on 3 again then seal the edges again by pressing gently but firmly with the rolling pin
12. Give it a half turn again so that the short sides are at top & bottom
13. Wrap the pastry and let it rest in the fridge for 30 mins
14. Roll out again & repeat the rolling & folding process 6 times
15. Wrap well and allow it to rest between each rolling and folding if the butter shows signs of melting or squeezing out

Cara buat sardine/ikan bilis puff
Roll adunan pastry nipis dan potong bentuk segi empat. Letakkan inti, sapukan sedikit air di keliling dan lekapkan ....Sapukan kuning telur( campurkan dgn sedikit susu ) di permukaan dan bakar dlm ketuhar 180 deg cel selama 30 minits ( atau sehingga mendapat warna kekuningan yg di sukai )

Guna puff pastry yg dibuat dan difrozenkan. Kali ni buat style croissant dan jugak buat chicken pie.